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Fried Food Line

Fried Food Line

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Mozzarella Stickz

GMO x Thin Mint Cookies (fem). Mozzarella and marinara terpene profile, medium height, average growth structure, low yield (comparable to Thin Mint Cookies), finishes in 9 weeks. 


Bread Pudding

Grapefruit Juice x Thin Mint Cookies (fem). Sweet notes of orange citrus combined with cognac and cinnamon, medium height, average structure, medium yeild, finishes in 9 weeks.  


Oatmeal Raison

Berry Breath (Grateful Breath x Blackberry x Goji OG) x Cookies & Cream.  Sugared blue fruit with oatmeal dough terps, medium height, medium structure, medium yield, finishes in 8 weeks. 


Deep Fried Oreo

Fatso x Oreoz (fem). Oreo cookie cream flavor with sourdough funk, tall and vertical growth, heavy yeild, flowering time 10 weeks. 


Honey Mustard

Papaya x Banana OG x GG4 x Grateful Breath. vanilla lighter fluid and rotten tropical fruit terps, short/bushy, heavey yeild, finishes in 8 weeks.  


Onion Ringz

GMO x Banana OG x GG4 x Grateful Breath. Spicey funk with a hint of banana sweet, medium height, wide branching, heavy yield, finishes in 9 weeks.  

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